Wednesday, December 8, 2010


i feel used
i feel dirty
i liked you a lot actually and now you might date someone else
i have a feeling you've been flirting with her for a while, even when we did have something
that's not even fair
i wasn't flirting with anyone when we had something
this makes me double think about everyone
and everything
i can't fucking trust anyone
holy fuck i am a paranoid mother fucker
i just can't handle this anymore i want to be able to trust people but i just can't
you ruined me along with everyone else
thanks, i know what it means now, i know what it means to like somebody
it means nothing
absolutely nothing
what we had, was nothing
and then along with the recent heartbreak i had with the other girl that i liked before you
i'm hated by everyone i ever had intense feelings for
this really, and seriously sucks i'm sorry for even being alive at that then
i tried my hardest to get what i wanted and i didn't get anyone
and when you did that one thing, you felt so.. able to do it
like you've done it before so now i'm wondering if you're a whore
so many fucking thoughts are running through my mother fucking mind right now
i don't know what to think
or what to do
wow my life sucks

Monday, December 6, 2010

i have an unhealthy obsession with katherine moenning.............


i just clicked out of one of my exams
i'll do this shit tomorrow

Well this sucks.

I've moved to Blogspot because Tumblr is down.
Look at me, having no life ~